Book Review: You Love Me by Caroline Kepnes

You Love Me
by Caroline Kepnes

I can’t escape, the shark inside my shark.

Our favorite sociopath is back in You Love Me, and Joe is a changed man, or at least, he is trying really hard to be so. This book feels like heartbreak and redemption– or is it redemption and heartbreak???– as he navigates life after we left off in Hidden Bodies.

I feel like I’ve waited forever for the next chapter in Joe’s life. In fact, as soon as I received my Netgalley I preordered the audiobook because Santino Fontana is Joe, and I read this book with his voice in my head.

We fast forward a bit from the ending of Hidden Bodies to Joe’s new home, on an idyllic island in the Pacific Northwest off the coast of Seattle. Without spoiling too much, Joe is starting fresh and trying to be a good person, however his past is harder to escape…

There are few things more tragic than a man hell-bent on becoming something he just can’t be.

Again, I find myself rooting for Joe as I’m trying to decipher what has happened since the end of book 2 and where we are now. There’s love… and betrayal and a promise of a new beginning.

I love the way Caroline Kepnes writes. It’s addictive, as Joe speaks to You and it makes me kind of wish he was speaking to me, and now I sit and write and wonder if there will be a book 4 because I miss him and I want him to be ok.

If you loved the first two books, you will need to pick up You Love Me and see Joe’s evolution. Yes, the show is great, but the books are so much better. If you can get ahold of the audiobooks with Santino Fontana– 👌 perfection!

*I received an advance copy from Netgalley for an honest review

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