Review: Black Hearts by Karina Halle

History and her bad habit of repeating herself.

Black Hearts is book one of a duet spinoff of Karina Halle‘s must-read The Artists Trilogy series. It’s a standalone novel, so although you don’t have to read the previous books to enjoy it, I highly recommend you check those out if you haven’t!

Black Hearts picks up about twenty years after the end of the original series. Violet McQueen is photography student, trying to find her place out from under her parents’ shadow. Her mom, Ellie, a well-respected photographer and her dad, Camden, a tattoo artist, have always been more on the eccentric side, but life as she’s known it has been quite average. That is until she finds a letter that begins to unravel secrets from their past.

Vicente is very much his father’s son, though he would rather find his own way to live his life. When presented with the chance to go to America on his own, he jumps at the opportunity to not only discover more about his father from the woman who broke his heart but at his first real chance at freedom.

When these two meet, they are immediately drawn to one another, and that pull is magnetic. They begin the search for what really happened with their parents two decades prior…

I love the continuation of the McQueen and Bernal saga. This book is sexy, fun and is set in one of my favorite cities ever, San Francisco. I am so glad book two will be out next month! I need to know what happens next!



Black Hearts can be read as a standalone, and the followup novel Dirty Souls comes out March 17!


*ARC was provided to me for my honest review

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