Review: Old Blood (Experiement in Terror 5.5) by Karina Halle

Old Blood – A Novella (Experiment in Terror #5.5)
by Karina Halle
111 pages (including the first 2 chapters of Into The Hollow)
Published June 23, 2012 by Metal Blonde Books
Available in e-book format

A haunting story from the Experiment in Terror Series…it is not a stand-alone novella and it is recommended you read books #1-5 before embarking on this tale.

From her harrowing introduction in Darkhouse, the spectre known as “Creepy Clown Lady” has been a constant fixture in Perry Palomino’s life. But beyond the horrid makeup and piercing stare lies Pippa, a woman just like everyone else.

Well, not quite.

When Perry discovered Pippa’s message to her and Dex on the EVP recordings, she thought she heard the last of the old woman’s message. She was wrong. In the novella Old Blood, Pippa relays the tale of her troubled and tortured past, revealing how an aspiring actress and loving mother fell into madness and how an unfathomable betrayal led to her untimely death.

For Perry, the repercussions of her message are life-shattering.

Old Blood is #5.5 in the series and occurs between books #5 On Demon Wings and #6 Into the Hollow.

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In the end, it’s all the same.

In the end.

Oh, Pippa! You started off as crazy, creepy clown lady but after this book I feel so much for you! A girl with so much promise, tainted by her special gifts. Pippa’s story is sad, one of unfulfilled dreams and unavoidable destiny, but for fans of this series, it does help provide a backstory for Dex and Perry in Pippa’s POV. After finishing On Demon Wings (book 5) I thought to skip right to Into the Hollow, but I’m glad I didn’t. In fact, I’m going to check out The Dex-Files right now! (That’s the thing with this series, it is so, so good, and so addicting you just have to keep reading!!)

4/5 stars

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